PATS is a companion scheme to MiDAS and stands for Passenger Assistant Training Scheme. Its purpose is to provide training for passenger assistants and escorts who travel in an employed or voluntary capacity on vehicles transporting disabled and/or vulnerable children and adults.

Buzzer Buses can now also provide training for this important role with their own qualified Passenger Assistant Trainer. The training is classroom based and split into different modules of which Module A (The Role of the Passenger Assistant) is mandatory for all prospective candidates.

Depending on who your organisation is transporting, supplementary modules are available including ‘Assisting Passengers with Disabilities’, which involves a practical assessment; ‘Supervising Children and Young Adults with Special Needs’; and ‘Working with Adults Who Need Care and Supervision’. Approximate length of these training modules varies between an hour and a half to three hours.

Please contact us regarding prices for each module of PATS and their varying combinations.

PATS Training days. Please contact Buzzer Buses for dates.