For an example of some daily Buzzer activities we include five actual passenger studies below. We have protected the member's identity but the details are all correct.


Mr G. is a wheelchair user who travels regularly with Buzzer Buses. Sometimes there is no-one at home when he returns from his daily activities. In this case, upon returning home, the driver will assist Mr G. with accessing his house via key-safe and help him transfer from his wheelchair to using a walking frame inside his property. The driver will then stow the wheelchair in the garage and ensure Mr G is safe and comfortable before departing.

Mrs H. lives in a sheltered housing complex but visits Leighton Buzzard town centre for shopping and medical reasons. However, she suffers from memory loss and is often confused and disorientated to the extent of not knowing her own address or where she is going. Buzzer Buses' drivers understand the challenges facing Mrs H. and are briefed about her journeys so as to provide reassurance and secure information about where she is travelling and at what times so she can complete her journey safely.



Mrs C. is a wheelchair user who lives alone and remains fiercely independent. She uses Buzzer Buses to do her weekly shop. It is the only time she leaves her house on any regular basis. Due to medical reasons Mrs C. is also unable to speak very well. In co-ordination with a local care agency, Buzzer Buses provide Mrs C. with the opportunity to visit the supermarket or high street on a weekly basis, carrying shopping for her and helping her experience a different environment for a couple of hours.

Mr W. is an elderly gentleman who lives alone in a village just outside Leighton Buzzard. He has mobility issues and uses a walking frame and occasionally a wheelchair. His house is old and not particularly accessible for someone with walking difficulties. Mr W. needs extra assistance when leaving and returning to his property. Buzzer drivers will help lock and unlock his property, carry walking aids, stow wheelchairs and ensure Mr W and his house are safe and secure before and after each stage of his journey with us.


Mrs B. has serious walking difficulties and cannot manage steps at all. She lives alone in a bungalow on the outskirts of Leighton Buzzard. Due to a lack of confidence in her own walking abilities, Buzzer Buses provide her with close support to and from her house to the bus. Mrs B. will then access the bus via our on-board lift that we also utilise for wheelchair users, so she has no need to use steps. Her belongings will be carried and any additional help and support provided by the driver when returning her home.