Buzzer Buses receives some Council funding for provision of community transport services but relies on voluntary funding to cover all of the day to day running costs. We are grateful to all local companies, organisations and individuals for any financial support.

If you wish to donate to Buzzer Buses (Dial-a-Ride) Ltd, please make cheques payable to "Buzzer Buses" or if you wish to transfer monry to us, please mark as a "donation" and send to Buzzer Buses (Dial-a-Ride) Ltd, CAF Bank Ltd, account number 00017680, sort code 40-52-40.

Below are some examples of how The Buzzer has transformed the quality of life for members:-

The Buzzer Bus service is very important to me as it provided a vital lifeline to me when my husband became seriously ill and unable to drive, and even more so since my husband passed away. The service allows me to arrange door to door transport at a reasonable price to carry out essential appointments and tasks (such as doctor, nurse, dentist and shopping). It also provides company and friendship as I meet with other people of similar age. It is SO important as it stops me being isolated and lonely. Very importantly it enables me to continue to live independently as all my family live hundreds of miles away.



I am partially sighted, have little use of my right arm and am approaching my 88th birthday. I lost my husband two years ago and therefore lost my closest friend. We knew each other since we were 8 years old. Needless to say, I lost the will to live. It was suggested that I should use the Buzzer to go into town during the week, which I did, and have since been so thankful. I have also taken advantage of the trips offered, which are superb. I have made many friends and exchanged phone numbers. We meet on the bus, have a meal together, andmost important of all, we laugh together. We are in the same boat, all have the same problems and at times all feel very lonely. The trips arranged for us ate so good and we all look forward to them so much. The trips into town for shopping give us a little independence, which is so important. You are true "lifesavers